Nhan' story

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

My Story

My name’s Nhan and I came from Vietnam. I’ve been in Australia for more than 4 months. The life’s better here than in my country but I’m always thinking about my family in Vietnam. Sometimes I get sad and lonely because I have no relative with me, just only my husband and my family- in- law. I’m lucky because they’re very kind to me.

The first day I was here, I noticed many things were different from my country. I had some strange experiences and was a bit worried. I couldn’t speak and listen to Australians very well so I was afraid that they couldn’t understand anything I said. It’s better now because I think English is the second language, not my mother language so no-one can do it very perfectly. I’ve just learnt more and more to get the best English I can.

I really enjoy my life at the moment. I’ve got a part time job on the weekend. I work as an assistant at a dentist’s office. This helps me improve my listening and speaking.

I like learning English more than I did in my country. Australians are very kind, friendly and hospitable. They make me want to learn everything here and don’t want to stop. I wish to become a dentist. I know it’s very hard to do because I was not a dentist in my country, I was an accountant. So I need to do everything step by step. First, I have to learn more and more English until I can rely on myself. After that I want to be a dentist like I’ve expected.

If you’re new like me, you shouldn’t worry because there’re many good people and they’ll help you if they can. I hope each of us will have a bright future in this new country. I really thank all of my teachers at AMES with all my heart!